Slomins has a horrible policy for service.

They give a 5 hour window to be home and then they showed up after their scheduled time.

A Lisa from customer service was so unconcerned that when I said I wanted to cancel my service she said that was up to me.

The service tech who called me to tell me he was on the way was uncaring as well. He just wanted to know if I was going to cancel or have him show.

I was thinking of canceling but I just signed a contract so I decided take service today.

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Why wouldn't the tech call? Depending on the time and what the problem is there is no reason a tech wouldn't call their next customer.

It also doesn't explain why the office wouldn't call and say the tech was tied up.

Sure other companies of all sorts, cable, water, electric, make you wait. Doesn't make it right.

There are plenty of companies who DON'T make you wait. Or at least explain if there will be a delay


Service techs don't call the customer. The dispatchers do.

If the tech ran long fixing a problem at your house should he leave before he's done so he can make his next appt on time. I guess Slomins is the only company that makes you wait.

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